Spotify dark update: broken

For me, Spotify is broken since the last update. What the hell were they thinking?

For clarification, this was “my way” to use Spotify:

  1. Start a radio station with an artist I like
  2. Listen to the station
  3. “Star” every song i like
  4. Sync all stared songs with my mobile phone for offline usage
  5. Later, start a radio station based on your starred playlist and find more awesome stuff you like

And guess what? Spotify almost removed the star-feature. They replaced it with the so called “collections”. Whats the difference? Well, I don’t know. But what I do know is:

  • You can’t sync your collection for offline usage
  • You can’t start a radio station for your collection

Screenshot 2014-04-22 15.00.19

But, there is a work around. Even if the “star this” button is removed, there is still a playlist called “starred stuff”. Drag & Drop your songs there and you are fine. So can someone explain me whats the use case for that collection stuff?

But seriously: Spotify-people, do you even use your stuff your self?