Google Docs to Latex convertion

Its possible! Not directly, but with a little workaround:

  1. Export your document from Google Docs as RTF
  2. get the tool called rtf2latex2e (here)
  3. read the readme. It will tell you how to compile and install it
  4. Important: If you want to use german encoding, you have to move the encoding file to the right place (see below)
  5. run the tool, be happy 🙂
It converts almost perfectly if you use the -n parameter. This includes figures and tables.
To correctly use german encoding, you have to copy the german encoding file to the default place. First make a backup of default encoding file and move the german one:
sudo mv  /usr/local/share/rtf2latex2e/latex-encoding /usr/local/share/rtf2latex2e/latex-encoding.default
sudo mv /usr/local/share/rtf2latex2e/latex-encoding.german /usr/local/share/rtf2latex2e/latex-encoding